Should have stayed on vacation another week

Doc checked my leg this morning, said I’m looking at another day in the hospital (giving me 4 days in this place). 

I am not going to lie, at first it as pretty nice to have some solitude, watch the shows I enjoy, and the quiet to read my book. Now I am getting a little antsy and and am anxious to break out. I am certain that all the other patients around me are in for serious problems, all through the night I hear the beeping machines signifying life, but occasionally the beeping becomes angry and the nurses dive straight in towards the mess. 
In other exciting news, we recently experienced another plumbing disaster at our home. Upon returning from our vacation, we immediately realized our water was not running…it wasn’t even walking! We couldn’t shower, do laundry, flush the toilet, or anything. To make a long story short, the well pump was no longer working, they replaced it with a new pump, then they found what broke the pump and had to replace a well holding tank. All in all, we had the opportunity to hang out with plumbers, electricians, and a backhoe operator for the entire day of Monday. For this pleasure, we had to fork over $3,200.
Geez, looking back on it, it was a brutal week returning from vacation!

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