I’m Free, I’m Alive

Around 3PM today I was allowed to leave the hospital. They gave me a prescription of high powered antibiotics that I have to take once a day. I was scheduled to be in Orlando this week for an important national meeting with my company, originally I had a flight that left around 11:30 this morning which I had to cancel because I was stuck in the hospital. After getting discharged, I got a flight for 8:45 tonight and am now waiting at the gate to leave with my meds in my bag. Keep your fingers crossed that my leg keeps its current course of healthy progress.

At the airport I see several men with backpacks that have two shoulder straps, but they are also strapped in across their waist and chest. I think 4 strappers must be people who failed the 2 strap system, it’s like training wheels for a backpack. Gentlemen, the 4 strap look is a good one to avoid, you’re getting dangerously close to fannypack territory.
Thank you for all the well wishes and cheerful text messages, it is good to be reminded that people care about you every once in awhile. 

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