Channeling My Inner Richard Simmons

In May, the cardiologist said that I needed to start taking pills or lose some weight to lower my blood pressure. Yesterday, the cardiologist said that I was down 40 pounds and my blood pressure is perfect. Looks like I’ll live to the age of 35 after all.

Everyone asks what my secret is, it is pretty easy. I just eat the same thing every day for breakfast (breakfast bar) and lunch (salad), and by the time dinner comes around, I don’t want to mess up my whole day of discipline by eating an entire pizza. I do splurge on dinner though, otherwise I’d go crazy. I also walk my dog about 4 miles every day. Perhaps I could stretch this paragraph into 9 chapters and sell a book and make millions of dollars.

If I was really smart, I would say that I just drank Coca Cola all day, every day, and the weight fell off. I could be the Subway Jared of Coke.

I have no plans to get much skinnier, but suspect I’ll lose about 15 more pounds before I level off. We will see, football season and colder weather are coming, that isn’t good for weight loss.

For my birthday or sooner, I am hoping to get a bench press for my garage. I think Jac is searching Craigslist. I don’t want to lift a lot of weight, just lots of reps. That will be the extent of my working out, I am not becoming a fitness nut. Jac had me try yoga a couple of weeks ago, it was humiliating! I would rather set myself on fire than do yoga again, it was painful, uncomfortable, goofy, and strange. If a video of it existing, it would be hysterical though.  

This post is dragging on, but we’ve been doing lots of fun stuff. The family tagged along with me on a work trip to Scranton and it was nice to be where my courtship with Jaclyn flourished. When I am in Scranton, my hearts feels light and cheerful, when I venture by the Bloomsburg exit on route 80, I get PTSD.

My work is shipping me off to New Orleans for a couple days in mid September and Jac is going to tag along. I’ve always wanted to be there with her!