He’s No Meathead

Winston has signed up for football this year. Unfortunately, he’s just like me and has very little intensity when it comes to the game. When I was playing in high school, I remember kids throwing up before games, teammates standing on chairs and screaming at the team in the locker room, and people getting all kinds of agitated because of some dumb quote in the newspaper. I on the other hand would just be chilling in the corner playing Gameboy and telling the team to calm down, the quote was probably taken out of context.

Anyways, Winston doesn’t seem very interested in the game of football, but he likes being on the field and hanging with the guys. I have to log a couple funny stories about his experience thus far:

Story 1:
Winston’s team was stretching before a Thursday practice, on Friday the team was expected to be at a Punt, Pass, and Kick competition. As the team was stretching, Winston announced, “Hey guys, sorry I cannot make the competition tomorrow, but I am going to be at a My Little Pony pizza party tomorrow and can’t make the competition.” The rest of the boys looked at him and weren’t sure he was serious or not, but he was.

Story 2:
The team was stretching and Dalia was on the sidelines talking to other girl siblings in attendance. Winston shouts from the middle of the field, “Hey, Dalia!!!”

Dalia responds “What!?”

Winston yells back “I love you!”

Dalia says “I love you too!”

Story 3:
I was driving Winston to his football game this Saturday and somehow got on the topic of how I met Jaclyn. I said that one day she came into the fish market where I was working and I said, “WHOA, hold on everyone, this is the most beautiful woman in the world and I need to talk to her.” I walked over to Jaclyn and told her she was beautiful and that I wanted to take her to dinner. She said that as long as I treated her like a princess and used my best manners, I could take her out.

Winston seemed to be paying attention, but made little comment about the story. After Winston’s football game, I was buckling his seat belt and he says, “Dad, guess what I did today?” I said, “I don’t know”. He looked at me with a goofy smile and said “I walked right up to a cheerleader and said that she was the most beautiful girl I ever saw!”

I asked him if she slapped him and he said no. Well done son, you’re my boy!

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