Gettysburg, PA

I headed down to Gettysburg, PA to visit the battlefields. Here are my observations:
1. 150 years following the battle, the place is still incredibly busy with visitors. If you make the trip, I recommend a weekday(s).
2. It isn’t a small battlefield, it isn’t a single battlefield, the battle raged all over the town and the surrounding hills and farms. You cannot just go to a field and say, “This is where is happened”, you actually need to drive around to several spots to see where major clashes occurred. You can hire a guide for $65 (flat fee for everyone in your car, $65 total, not each) and he/she will show you where everything happened and provide the story. Great investment!
3. There’s a museum/visitors center, you could spend 4 hours there too, really well done.It was $12.50 to get inside the museum and it included an iMax type movie on the battle. I especially enjoyed the section showing all the medical instruments they had available in those days.
4. Stayed at the Gettysburg Hotel, lovely place right in the town’s center square. Good food and drink within walking distance in all directions.
5. Over 50,000 people died in that town over 3 days of battle (approximately the number of US casualties in the entire Vietnam war), lots of ghost tours operating in town, but did not partake.
6. Would love to go again on a warmer day to wander the countryside, especially now that I know where I am going and where the major events happened. 

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