Date Night In Lambertville, NJ

Jac & I had been planning a date night for weeks, we secured dinner reservations, we got babysitting locked down, and even our dog Toby was taken care of for the evening (Thanks Mom & Dad!). Of course, the night we had planned to go out, a big icy snow storm moved into the area and made driving close to impossible.

There was no turning back for Jaclyn & I, we were determined to spend the night out on the town, so we made an impromptu reservation at the Lambertville Station (our dinner reservation was within walking distance). I grabbed a bottle of sparkling wine we purchased on our summer vacation at a small vineyard at Lake Cayuga, threw a change of clothes into the suitcase and began making our way to Lambertville. What was normally a 20 minute ride, took about an hour. The roads were covered with snow and ice and people were driving about 15 mph. After a very intense ride, we checked into the hotel room, uncorked the champagne, and polished off the bottle before dinner!

Our dinner was at Deanna’s and we proceeded to eat amazing dishes of homemade pasta augmented with a bottle of red. Needless to say, when we exited the restaurant, we had giant smiles on our faces and stumbled across the vacant snow covered streets as it kept coming down harder and harder.

We walked through the snow and saw a couple other folks enjoying the winter wonderland, it was neat having the town practically to ourselves, we decided to walk across the bridge and grab a beer at Triumph. Triumph had a dozen people at the bar on a night where you’d expect 100, it was quiet and relaxing and offered a warm respite from the long cold journey across the bridge. 

Lambertville’s Bridge Street Covered In Snow

An upside down picture of the river, the clouds on top are floating ice

Bundled up, my glasses have been through so much, funny to think they’ve spent an evening on the bottom of Lake Cayuga,

A right side up picture of the river next morning

If you look closely, you’ll see hundreds of carp resting in the water by the bridge pillar (ranging from 2 to 8 pounds in my estimation)

4 thoughts on “Date Night In Lambertville, NJ

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