Radio City Music Hall & iPhone Saga

A friend from work had 4 tickets to Radio City Music Hall’s Christmas Spectacular that were going to go unused and offered them to me for free. I remember my mom taking me as a kid and I still vividly remember the Rockettes doing the high leg kicks and seeing a real life camel walk across the stage during the nativity scene, it was quite a production. I remember being 10 years old and reading in the program that the Rockettes had been performing for over 50 years and after looking long and hard at the beautiful ladies on the stage, I said to my mom, “I can’t believe those ladies have been dancing for 50 years, they don’t look old enough.” My mom just laughed. 

I thought it over for a second and said I wanted the tickets, I was going to take the family into the Big Apple for a memorable night on the town.

We got into NYC and first went to the giant Toys R Us in Times Square and the kids rode the ferris wheel with Jaclyn. Then we split up and the girls looked at dolls and candy and Winston and I looked at action figures and video games. After that, we headed to Rockefeller Center and saw the huge tree all lit up with the ice skating rink below, it looked like Christmas in NYC. Finally, we strolled up to the event location, Radio City Music Hall:

The venue looked perfect, we all felt so privileged and lucky to be such a fancy and spectacular place. Inside the chandelier was enormous and sparkled a thousand points of light, the hosts wore white gloves and all spoke with impeccable hospitality, just cruising through the lobby to our seat made us feel like we were in the lap of luxury, true royalty. Inside the actual theater, we felt like we walked into another world, so grand and immaculate.

The show was incredible, the kids loved every second of it. Through the entire show, the kids leaned forward, totally enamored by the performances (including a 3D flight through NYC on Santa’s sleigh), it was broken into approximately 16 chapters, each one about 5 minutes long, so perfect for people with short attention spans. Needless to say, after 90 minutes of superb entertainment, we were all thrilled by the experience and felt so lucky to have been a part of it all. It was a fabulous night in NYC.

As I returned to my car in a garage near by, I realized, “aww SHUCKS, I lost my iPhone!” I remember having it at the beginning of the show and it must of fallen out of my pocket during the show. Another show was starting at the Radio City Music Hall, so we couldn’t have gone back inside if we wanted to. We called the lost & found at Radio City Music Hall a couple times through the next 24 hours to no avail, nothing was turned in.

Then I remembered, my iPhone has a cool function called “Find My iPhone” which was designed for this exact situation. You go onto any device hooked up to the internet, connect to the Cloud and track your lost iPhone. I hit the button to track my iPhone, the screen started to load saying…LOCATING. The suspense was palpable, I couldn’t wait to see where it was, and finally the next screen emerged and said, “Your device is turned off, unable to track”.Hmmm, this is disappointing, but I was able to remotely turn my phone onto “Lost” mode which essentially makes it unusable and sends an alert once it is turned back on.

A couple hours go by and an alert pops up. YOUR PHONE HAS BEEN FOUND! It has been found in the proximity of ….(approximate address is photo below).

At this point, I am not sure what to do. It doesn’t look like a neighborhood I really want to go knocking on doors and ask if they found an iPhone in Radio City Music Hall and happened to bring to their home in Brooklyn (seeing that all doors and windows contain bars, I doesn’t give off the safe vibe). Additionally, my phone might not be in the home or in the possession of one of the home owners, it could just have been activated in front of the home. Jaclyn encouraged me to call the phone. I decided it was worth a shot and gave it a call. I dial it up and wait for an answer. What am I going to say? Even if he/she picks up would it be a good idea to arrange an exchange, if we meet in Brooklyn, they’ll probably jump me, stab me in the neck, take my wallet and leave me to die. The phone rings three more times, no answer. I go to the Verizon store.

The Verizon store guy deactivates the phone, explains how they’ll never be able to use that phone or even be able to sell it because the Lost mode shuts it down. He was able to sell me a refurbished phone for a third of the price I expected to pay for a new one. All in all, I feel like I made out okay, even without my iPhone, I feel luckier than the person in Brooklyn. I truly hope that person in Brooklyn has a good Christmas, even though they are on the naughty list.

3 thoughts on “Radio City Music Hall & iPhone Saga

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