A Vivid Dream

A few minutes ago, I awoke from a dream, yelling “AAAHHHHOOHHHHHH!!!”

It all started out in a big beautiful home where I had lived for years. Jaclyn’s sister came to visit us (me & Jaclyn) and while the two of them were drinking tea and discussing life in general; the topic turned to the home we lived in (the home in the dream) and I said something cryptic and creepy like “Oh, yes, this house is beautiful, an amazing home filled with so much history and fascination, but there’s also so much mystery and many secret areas that I choose to avoid still to this day.”

Well, it turns out the Fellman’s love a good ol’ cryptic and creepy statement because they both said, “What do you mean, please explain more.” Which at that point, I grabbed my candle and took them for a tour. Fortunately, our black dog Toby was with me and he gave me a little bit of courage to face my anxiety as we proceeded through the mansion. Our first stop, let’s call it The Library with tons of books in floor to ceiling shelves, many of them large and covered with dust. As we enter the huge room filled with books, I make my tour guide statement, “We are in one of my favorite rooms of this home, The Library, filled with books from so many decades, I know for sure that I have read many of them, but I will read all of them before I die.” Laurie and Jaclyn nodded approvingly, but did not seem very convinced that this tour was showing much of the “mystery” and “secret” areas I had promised at the outset.

I proceeded to walk them through the home, showing them the furniture and artwork, it was like we moved into an old mansion that was fully furnished, but half the stuff was ours and we weren’t sure where the other stuff came from, but it was classic and timeless, so we just incorporated it into the home and kept it around. Eventually, Laurie finally says, “Okay Rob, where’s the mysterious parts of the house, I heard rumors of secret passageways.”

Realizing that I needed to face my fears and go into the bowels of the home, I proceed to the room with the big fireplace and gently leaned against the bookcase next to it, the wall begins to turn and a secret stair case appears with torches that light the way. I look back to see if they are sufficiently impressed, they both nod and seem very nervous about the staircase, unsure if they want to travel down there. At this point, I remind them that these secret passages around the house are known to have ghosts living inside them, which seals the deal, the Fellmans are officially done with the tour and don’t want to see anymore of the several spooky mystery passages hidden in the house.

At this point, I hear a terrible crash upstairs coming from the general vicinity of the upstairs secret passage near the attic. I run upstairs to meet the issue and an old black dog had somehow busted loose from the secret passage, he was thrilled to see me and jumped up to lick my face. I had no idea an old black dog lived in the passage ways, but that could explain many of the noises coming from the secret passage ways and possibly rule out ghosts. The dog led me to the passage way it came from, but the door slammed shut right before I got there and I instinctively reached for the doorknob and began to pull hard to open it up.  The door knob was being held closed by someone on the other side. I immediately ruled out the culprit as my young children playing a prank because this person was pulling incredible hard to keep the door shut, too hard for a child. But as the man of the house, I had to uncover this mystery and possibly save us from someone or something terrible, so I pulled with all of my strength, and finally the door burst open and on the other side was a very old man on the ground, disappointed he couldn’t have kept the door closed longer.

At this point, a couple things started to happen in dream world and real world:
1. In dream world, I was horrified that an actual person was in our house and not just a ghost. This made me scream.
2. In real world, I begin to scream “AHHHHHHH!!!!” at the realization that an old man lived in my dream house.
3. In dream world, I immediately begin to assemble some type of meaning into the meeting with my fears and cleverly interpret it to mean that I am also the Old Man and he was just trying to keep me from rushing down the passages of time and enjoy the moments in my life.
4. In real world, I shift my screaming to “OOOOHHHH!!!!” at this profound realization.
5. In real world, Jaclyn is sleeping with her head resting on my chest and jumps up scared to death by my screaming and says, “Oh my God honey, what in the world is wrong, are you okay, oh honey, oh honey.” and falls back asleep. I doubt she will remember any of it tomorrow. God I wish I had this on camera.

So, I will try to take it easy, especially during this holiday season. Goodnight friends!


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