2013: My Year In Pictures

I try to post my favorite pictures each year, here are the entries for 2013:

Here’s Toby in January, he grew a lot since then.

We had a splendid vacation at a lake house on Lake Cayuga. Each morning I would wake up early and try to land the elusive lake trout. I managed to catch one on the trip, but the scenery was beautiful.

Winston lost his first tooth.

I was hospitalized due to a spider bite.

Jac & I had a romantic escape to New Orleans, she’s pictured in the candle lit bar called Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop.

Our recent trip to NYC had a pit stop in Times Square where the kids rode a ferris wheel inside Toys R Us

Winston took these two photos of us in front of Philly’s Art Museum

Dalia began gymnastics, she loves it!

Winston took up football, which was an ordeal, but he has a good “tough guy” face

The family tagged along on a work trip to Scranton, while I was at a work function, the kids went to Coopers restaurant which has a heavy nautical theme.

Dalia before a dance recital (she also takes ballet)

This photo is guaranteed to make you smile

Winston managed to climb all the way to the top of Glen Onoko Falls near Jim Thorpe, PA

Another great year in the books, here’s to more adventure in 2014!

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