2013 – Year In Review

At the end of each year, I do my best to summarize the key events and lessons I’ve learned over the previous 365 days. This year’s summary is slightly delayed because the past 2 weeks have been total insanity (more on that later).

1. A couple small changes every day can add up to a big difference. Eating salads and walking the dog helped me lost about 40 pounds this summer.
2. This was the first year I really had to be a “boss” and manage a team of people, I get the sense that most people are very competent, take pride in their work, and want to succeed, maybe I just got lucky and worked with a great group, but it never felt like I was a “boss”.
3. I pride myself on being a MAN, being tough, capable of enduring lots of pain, but was amazed at how much devastation a tiny spider did to me. I was delirious, terrible fever, horrible pain, swollen leg, infection traveling up my veins. It did not change me though, I went right back to doing what I always do.
4. This was a great year of parenthood, having a 5 year old and a 7 year old is the beginning of a very fun phase. Their personalities are on full display, they are able to go on hikes, make it through a dinner at a restaurant, and Christmas was a blast for all of us. It is nice to be out of the infant and toddler ages.
5. Jac and I had a remarkable time in New Orleans, such vivid memories of the food and music!
6. The corporation I worked for announced major layoffs, extremely scary stuff. At first I couldn’t imagine how horrible it would be to lose my job and what that would mean to my family, but ultimately realized that we would always be fine, we just might have to live a different lifestyle.
7. Looked for other jobs as a result of the instability, interviewed a lot. Most common questions are “What are your strengths and weaknesses?”, “Why are you looking for a job?”, “Why should we hire you?”
8. Got offered a great job and took it, preparing to move across the state, I can’t imagine how much this will impact my family and career.
9. Driving a car is most fun with a dog in the passenger seat.
10. On New Years Eve, Winston sat on a recliner all night with a big clock on his lap, just waiting for the year to pass. He watched it all the way to midnight, I couldn’t believe it, he jumped up and screamed “Happy New Year” and ran upstairs to plant his sleeping mom with a big kiss.
11. My glasses spent 24 hours on the bottom of Lake Cayuga.
12. Bulldogs won a championship in softball, I was elated for the entire following week.
13. Bought a cheap record player and have built a solid library on vinyl.
14. Introduced the kids to the Yellow Submarine movie and to the shock of Jaclyn, they loved it.
15. New babies came into the world, I can’t believe it, but I find myself so in love with them, so amazed by them.
16. I read a TON this year, learned about Jerusalem, Winston Churchill, the Civil War, and US Grant. This year I’m diving into WW1, WW2, Lincoln’s assassination, and Alan Turing.
17. My favorite night of the year was walking through the snow storm with Jaclyn in Lambertville.
18. Dalia has crazy dance moves, she is going to be trouble.
19. It is the end of the beginning for me, my hair is starting to fall out and my back had problems this year.
20. Visited Crystal Caves with the family, we traveled hundreds of feet under ground and saw amazing rock formations and stalactites over 20 feet long, the kids feedback was “There were barely any crystals.”

2014 will be a big year, wish us luck, and we cannot wait for what the adventure brings us.

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