Pittsburgh, PA – Here We Come

I have been hesitant to write over the past couple of weeks because my world was experiencing cataclysmic change. After working several years for an outstanding company, I made the decision to pursue a totally new opportunity with a company located all the way out in Pittsburgh, PA.

The opportunity is a good one, I will get to take on greater responsibilities, work on an important product, and I think that it will afford my family greater stability. With all that being said, it is a huge move and it will be pretty disruptive leaving families, friends, and schools. It was not a decision we took lightly, we stressed over it plenty, but we think we made the best decision and have initiated plans to remedy our concerns. For example, we are searching for homes with a nice living space for friends and family who need a place to stay when visiting us. We have several events locked into our calendars that warrant us returning regularly over the next couple of months. Plus, we found out that Pittsburgh has awesome school districts and plenty to do. We hope we can convince many of you to pay us a visit once we get moved out there.

In the meantime, we have realtors looking at our present home in Hartsville and until that home sells, I will be living in an apartment in Pittsburgh and coming home for the weekends (keep your fingers crossed that it sells quickly).

Jac has been working her tail off to clean up the house and make it attractive to buyers. Additionally, she is leading all negotiations and strategic decisions related to the real estate transaction. Oh, she’s also supervising two insane children who are feverishly trying to undo her progress towards cleaning the house!

Right now, I am on a plane headed to San Fran to meet my new colleagues at a big national meeting, hoping that I make a decent first impression. The good news is that I am no longer in the anxious stage, I am just excited to make this the most of this opportunity. I told Jac that in the past 7 years, I feel like we have navigated through plenty of crazy times, but this time feels different, like we are not reacting to a crisis, but tackling a huge opportunity where we are on the verge of getting ahead. Let’s hope I’m right!

One thought on “Pittsburgh, PA – Here We Come

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