On Sunday night, I packed a suitcase and headed to Pittsburgh…by myself. Until the house sells, I will be commuting back and forth across the state. I’ve lived on my own before, but this time it feels a bit different, like I am leaving a lot more behind. My company has been great and they put me up in a nice furnished apartment with 2 bedrooms (so you have a place to stay, if you’re gonna be out my way!), but when I locked the door behind me, a deep sense of isolation came over me. I was also exhausted, which probably contributed to the somber feeling, plus you can throw in the polar vortex, it feels like I am stationed in Antarctica.  


Now, I suspect that this admission of isolation probably has some of you wondering if I am regretting the decision to make this move. At this point, I still have no regrets, the company has embraced me and I feel like my own personal stock will skyrocket here, Pittsburgh is a beautiful town, and once Jac and the kids are out here, it will feel like home. To help me put this all in perspective, I just keep the date of March 1st in my mind, I just need to make it to March 1st and hopefully at that point, we will have things pretty well lined up for the move and the end of the transition will be near.


I don’t think I mentioned it yet, but I have a new favorite possession. I love it more than my baseball signed by Charlie Manuel (which is saying a lot), I had to turn in my company car from my last company and buy a car for myself. I can’t post a picture right now, but check it out on Google, it is a black Jeep Wrangler Sport Unlimited (Unlimited means 4 doors). I cannot really put a reason on it, but I just love driving it. It feels so primitive, like driving a lawnmower or tank, it doesn’t have many bells or whistles, but for some reason, I am totally in love with it. If there’s a reason to drive somewhere, get a coffee, pick up dry cleaning, etc., I am all over it.

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