At 4AM we were awakened by a loud crash somewhere around the house. I jumped out of bed and immediately checked on the kids (Toby stayed sound asleep), the kids were fine. I figured it was a kid rolling out of bed and spilling onto the floor, but now that was ruled out. I headed down the hallway and applied all my military knowledge of eliminating the enemy (garnered from extensive TV & video game experience), I gently pushed doors open with my toes, looped into my office and scanned the room, ALL CLEAR.


I pushed further down the hallway, opened the kids bathroom door and peeked behind the shower curtain, nothing. I go downstairs, flip on some lights, I am now the aggressor, this intruder is going to get a beat down. Nothing is doing, I stop in the kitchen to grab the largest knife possible and clutch it in the attack position (which is different then holding a knife in cutting vegetables position, try it home!). Now I have to descend into the darkness of the downstairs rec room and laundry room, this is definitely where he is. I flip on my lights, check behind the couch, kick open the laundry room door, and nothing is doing.


I head up into the attic and nothing is happening, but then it happens again, a huge thunderous crack and things falling all over the place. I look outside and tree branches are falling off trees due to the snow and ice. Last night we received a lot of ice and all branches are drooping way down and every 5 minutes I hear a loud crack and crash. My neighbors fence just had a tree crash through it and it looks like their minivan got hit too (separate tree limbs).


I don’t want to jinx it, but so far we have escaped the peril of falling trees, but we have a long day ahead of us. Our power flickered already, but the magic of PECO has kept us illuminated.


My commute back and forth to Pittsburgh has been going well, the ride seems to get shorter each time. I have now downloaded apps of my favorite radio stations, plug my iPod into the stereo and listen to the station through the app for the entire car ride, this is great because I don’t have to keep changing stations because of losing reception. Right now I am really enjoying 91.3 WYEP in Pittsburgh, it is sort of like 88.5 XPEN, but leans more to the rock side. 


Here’s an article that says that the Pittsburgh Pirates tickets are baseball’s best value:


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