Moving Along

Less than 2 months ago, my family and I were headed to Pittsburgh in the midst of a polar vortex to scout the city and consider it as a potential new home. I recall being in the car with a lot of skepticism and even I thought that the chances were slim that we’d move out here. The company I was interviewing with (and now currently employed by) arranged a tour of Pittsburgh and as we drove around all over the city and surrounding suburbs, we fell in love. The final interviews went really well and we decided to make the move, it was a total surprise to us, but we knew huge change was in store…fast forward to present…Jaclyn and the kids drove out to see me this weekend. The objective was to look for the town we want to make home, plus we had an open house at our existing home, so it was best for us to all be in Pittsburgh.


It is unbelievable how much progress we’ve made in that short period of time since we first came to Pittsburgh in early January. Jaclyn has managed to get our existing home: painted, rewired, cleaned, cemented the sidewalk, found a realtor, did modest carpentry, packed up, and even fixed up the yard after the massive ice storm knocked down several huge branches.


Additionally, Jac secured a realtor in Pittsburgh and has made significant progress in narrowing down potential neighborhoods south of the city. For those of you who are curious, we’re looking at Upper Saint Clair and Peters Township. Both have fabulous schools, nice neighborhoods, close to Pittsburgh and my work, but the taxes are much less in Peters Township. There are plenty of nice options available and we have no concerns that we’ll find a great home once we are prepared to buy. 


Our existing home is still on the market and we need to sell it before we can buy a new one. We’ve had about 5-6 showings with modest to little interest to date. We’re going to be flexible on price and see what we can do from a marketing prospective to improve traffic.


We had a great time in Pittsburgh this weekend. The kids didn’t want to leave, it was the first time that they were actually sad to leave me, they’re usually pretty independent, but this long distance commuting it starting to take a toll. The good news is, we’ve (essentially Jaclyn) have made amazing progress and every day we get one day closer to being united again. 


My job is going great, I feel like my role is already expanding and I’m working from early morning to late at night to make my mark. 


The first day of Spring is 24 days away, it can’t come soon enough!



3 thoughts on “Moving Along

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