Toledo Mud Hens

After a couple weeks of not seeing the wife & kids, we crammed in a lot of fun family time this weekend. The challenge we face is that we need to keep the house clean at all times as potential home buyers can schedule showings within a couple hours notice, this is a challenge because we have 2 kids and a dog that like to create big messes. The solution to this problem was to clean the house once and then remove the kids & dog from the house for the rest of the weekend.


We dropped Toby off at my parents and the rest of us went into Philly to stay in a hotel and explore the city. We had fabulous weather and a great time poking around Old City & Northern Liberties. We found a great candy store, record store, comic book store, Betsey Ross’ house, Ben Franklin’s house, printing presses & a nice wood oven pizzeria. The hotel had a pool, but Jaclyn and I had forgot to pack our bathing suits so we sat fully clothed as the kids swam around with a bunch of other children. At one point, Dalia appeared to be drowning and I slowly stood up to resolve the situation (which would have required me to become fully submerged in the pool while fully dressed), the time to act was fast approaching, but at the last moment, she pulled herself together and pulled herself to the side of the pool. We went back to the hotel room, Winston is always the first to fall asleep, but Dalia stayed up well into the night drawing pictures with flowers and unicorns.


We continue to have a lot of interest in our home, but no offers have been made yet (keep your fingers crossed).


I am traveling back home this weekend to see the family, the commute actually feels easier every time.


By the way, I had to visit Toledo, OH on Monday/Tuesday. They have the nicest minor league stadium that I’ve ever seen, home of the Toledo Mud Hens.  

Advertising…It Works!

With the distance between my family and I creating increasing discomfort, there’s a lot of motivation to sell our home in a hurry! This weekend we pulled out all the stops by advertising our home in the Intelligencer and on Craigslist, plus we made a price adjustment to sneak in more search filters. The result was unprecedented turnout this weekend for our home (11 prospective buyers, compared with an average of 3). I’m liking our odds a lot better now, but will not relax until offer the deal is done.


This weekend I had a business meeting in Pittsburgh, so I stayed in town. On Friday night I went to dinner with our customers and then I went straight to bed since the meeting would resume at 7:30AM on Saturday. The meeting ended at 2PM on Saturday and then I went into Pittsburgh to watch an IMAX movie about Jerusalem, which was great. The movie ended at 5PM and I went home and slept from 6PM to 7AM the next day. On Sunday, I checked out several homes for sale, then went to Gander Mountain to look for fishing maps, then to the Andy Warhol Museum, then the Strip District (where I found the most incredible fish market and had a cod sandwich), then to a cartoon museum, then to Market Square, and home by 4PM. I walked everywhere in Pittsburgh, you don’t ever see cabs like in other cities. I think you need to call a cab on the phone if you want one. 


It was a good weekend, but most importantly, I caught up on lots of sleep. I look forward to getting home this weekend and maybe closing a deal on our home!



Wind chill was negative 10 this morning, tired of winter.


We reduced the price of our home to our lowest acceptable point in a last ditch effort to increase buyer activity. It is a terrible time to sell our home, there just aren’t many people looking to buy in February. I purchased an ad for our open house, it should be in this Sunday’s paper, take a look at my advertising genius! We have averaged about 3 people per open house prior to the ad, I will let you know if advertising in the Intell improves traffic. You might be thinking; “What about the price reduction, that also might contribute to an improvement in buyer traffic?” but I think we can put the price impact in perspective by our previous price drops having no impact on the number of perspective buyers. We will see, I love these types of experiments.


My new job is going well, I liken it to being at a startup company. I think people really glorify startup companies as being wild, fun, exciting places to work, but there’s a lot of stress and work that comes with it. The team isn’t fully built out, there’s way too much to do for the few people who are there, and you feel every bump more as there’s fewer people to absorb it. With all that being said, I wanted this type of challenge because I wanted an opportunity to take ownership and be a part of something on the ground level and make it huge. The experience is like being at the beach and you’re in the water and an enormous wave is coming. You think, “Wow, I’ll never have a chance to ride such a big wave again in my life” and you start swimming out in front of it and then the wave starts sucking you in and you realize you either need to swim faster or this thing will come crashing down on you! As crazy as it is, I enjoy the rush and am swimming faster then ever.


People in Pittsburgh don’t call shopping carts, “shopping carts”, they call them “buggies”.