Still Waiting – House Saga Continued

Winston got off the bus yesterday, April 1st, and announced to his mom “I got into sooooooo much trouble today.” This is a highly plausible statement and Jaclyn was about to lose her composure when Winston caved in and said “April Fools!”.


The house selling process marches on. We’ve had a steady amount of traffic, lots of people checking it out, but no one has thrown us an offer yet. Our pendulum is swinging from anxious to sell, will do whatever we can to get the deal done immediately, to now need to explore alternatives if it does not happen quickly. The highs and lows of each showing have been replaced with modest expectations. Here’s the issue; we have an older home that requires TLC in a good school district. So, if you had 100 potential buyers, half of them are immediately out of contention because they do not have kids and do not want to pay a premium for the school district. A quarter of the remaining buyers want a beautiful home where everything is brand new, they will pay a premium for a new fancy home. We are fighting for the remaining 25%, they are out there, we’re positioned well to be attractive to those buyers, but we just need to keep people coming in and looking at it until we find our buyer. An old sales guy once said, “Every No brings you closer to a Yes”.


Solo life in Pittsburgh is nowhere near as exciting as people imagine it. Being away from the family actually has a weird effect on my psyche, just do not have much desire to get out and do stuff. Outside of work, my best companion is a stink bug who crawls around the walls of my apartment. I once contemplated letting him outside, but selfishly kept him for company!


Sometimes, for a very brief instant, I feel sorry for myself and think, “Gosh, this is tough being away from the wife & kids, traveling home on the weekends, I cannot wait to be reunited.” But then I think about the poor people in the military in temporary shelters in Iraqi deserts or Afghani hillsides, submarines, and aircraft carriers. They get poor compensation, their life’s in danger, and they don’t get home on the weekends to see their family, I really must thank veterans and soliders whenever I see them.


Last weekend my friend opened up a brewery, Jac & I got a sneak peek/taste before it opened to the public. It was awesome, an incredible accomplishment, and the beer was tasty. In a couple of years, I’d like to post an interview with the brewer, he has a terrific story, but I can’t get into it yet!


Thanks for reading, I can’t wait to wrap up this chapter.

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