Last Wednesday afternoon, I received a call from Jaclyn, she was pretty hurt. There was a rain storm outside and she just picked up Winston from the bus stop, when she got back inside, she slipped on the wooden stairs, her feet flew up into the air (like in the cartoons when a character slips on a banana peel), and she slammed her head on the wooden steps. I asked if she needed me to get home immediately, I asked if she needed to go to the hospital, I asked if the kids were watching out for her. What I did not know was that I was talking to someone with a concussion & people suffering from concussions are not supposed to be making important decisions.


Essentially, Jaclyn just said she was going to walk it off and that she’ll be okay. The answer seemed fishy, she was obviously in a great deal of pain and she has a pretty high pain tolerance, so I was a little worried. I called her hourly throughout the afternoon to see if she was improving, she was sore, but felt like she was going to be okay. I asked if the kids did anything for her when she fell, she said that Dalia gave her a wet wash cloth and Winston gave her some Band Aids as she laid on the ground in horrible pain, then they went downstairs and continued to watch TV. They need to work on their bedside manner!


I talked to Jaclyn the next morning and she did not seem right, her logic and speech was capable, but not sharp. A stranger would not notice, but she just wasn’t operating at 100% and the lingering symptoms she explained weren’t consistent with just a bruise, she was nauseous & light stimuli really bothered her. She called a doctor and they stressed that she should immediately head to the Emergency Room. Fortunately, her father was available and took her to the emergency room where it was confirmed that she suffered a pretty severe concussion. I rushed home from Pittsburgh to help administer the doctor’s recommendation for her to stay away from sunlight, noise, TV, books, and children!


The week was bonkers, my work continued to require a lot of my attention, the kids required a lot of attention, and the realtors required a lot of attention. Jaclyn would try to pitch in, but any time she started to clean or help out, she would get nauseous or a terrible headache. It was impossible to manage it all, I would make a horrible single father. I would just give the kids a bowl of food (typically Doritos) like a dog, turn on a movie, and lock myself into my office and continue on my calls with supervisors & customers. Then I’d look out the window and see Dalia venture outside, she’d grab a net, capture a frog, and start yelling up to me through my office window “Dad, you gotta see this frog!”. I would put my phone on mute and head outside, praise her frog, remind Dalia to stay away from the road, and return to my office. A couple minutes later, the dog somehow has gotten out, he’s now chasing a jogger and it looks like a bad scene is developing. I put the phone on mute and run after the dog. Then a realtor calls and wants to show the house in 3 hours to a potential buyer. This goes on about 10 hours every day.


The paragraph above is not to make me out as a martyr, the intent is totally opposite, I just want to recognize how poor Jaclyn did not get total rest & relaxation at a time where her head & body was in immense pain. Thank you for the friends & family who chipped in and brought actual food that humans should eat (unlike the diet of processed food that I was providing my family on a routine basis).


On Friday, 9 days after the initial injury, Jaclyn started to improve significantly. Dalia had a ballet recital that night and she did a lovely performance to the Frozen song “Let It Go”. Afterwards, the performers and family had a nice reception with cookies and juice. I gave Dalia a nice bouquet, she earned it, she takes pride in her activities, but I am anxious to see her on a soccor field, she is a natural athlete.


On Sunday, we had a lovely Mother’s Day. The kids & I made breakfast for Jaclyn (the house still smells like bacon). Winston & Dalia both made a nice card for Jaclyn. Winston did something at school where he took the word “MOTHER” and wrote something special about her using each letter, for the letter T, he wrote Tacos.


Sunday afternoon was spent driving along the Delaware River with the top off the Jeep. Then we found a great trail that took us to a neat knee deep pool of water along the river where the kids & dog played for hours.


Everything is back to normal. Our realtor thinks we may sell the house by the end of the month…fingers crossed.

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