Moving Along

There have been a couple times where I have involved the family in something in something that was more challenging than I anticipated. Last year I convinced Jaclyn and the kids to take a jaunt along the Appalachian Trail to the top of Mount Minsi. About one hour into the hike, everyone was complaining of exhaustion and I kept reassuring them that we were almost to the top. Eventually, a couple hikers returning from the top came walking down and I casually asked, “Are we close to the top?” and the two of them laughed hard, until they noticed the devastating glance being cast by my wife in my direction, and then they pulled it together and said, “Yeah, sort of, not too much further.” We pressed on and eventually made it to the top, it was quite impressive. See everyone, it is awesome…right? Come on, lighten up, wasn’t the climb worth it?  


On Friday, Jaclyn’s thirty-second birthday, we struck a deal with a potential buyer and signed an agreement of sale. We are slated to close on our home at the end of June. Keep your fingers, toes, legs, and armed crossed that the buyer’s mortgage paperwork all comes together and we can stop climbing up this mountain for a bit.


When we first started the long distance situation, I would head to Pittsburgh with my head filled with big ideas of how I was going to make a great impression at work. After 5 months of leaving the family 5 days at a time, my mind is now completely preoccupied with counting down the days until I see my family again. As I left the house on Sunday night to head back to Pittsburgh, Dalia jumped up onto the bay window at the front of the house and was waving, blowing me kisses, and saying “I love you!” as I backed out the driveway. She gives me the best sendoff ever, I can’t wait to no longer require those sendoffs, I look forward to be taken for granted again.


The 5 months away have allowed me to give an unprecented amount of energy & focus to work though (not saying it was worth it, but I made the best of the situation), and things are off to a great start at the new company. Tomorrow, I present to sales leadership and in June I present to the entire company, I will be introducing all my marketing efforts and know it will be well received. 


We also have a vacation planned for mid July, we will be spending half the time at Niagara Falls and the other half enjoying our new city. We’re not quite at the top of this hill yet, but I don’t think we have too much further.  

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