May Updates

The folks who submitted an offer have had an inspector come and look at the house, the process lasted 3 or 4 hours. Ultimately, they are requesting some work on the patio and chimney, we will see where this negotiation leads, but I’m optimistic that the deal will still move forward.


On the other end of things, we’ve been evaluating various neighborhoods for the past 5 months and narrowed our search down to Peters Township. We love the area, reminds us of Central Bucks, the schools are great, and there is a comic book store, trails, & swimming pool nearby, so the kids love it. On Friday, we looked at 10 homes that fell in our price range, we found one that we loved and put in an offer yesterday. Still waiting to hear back.


We attended a wedding in Blacksburg, VA last weekend, home of Virginia Tech. From Pittsburgh, you drive straight down, south through West Virginia and then into Virginia, it was one of the most beautiful drives I have ever been on. This was my first trip into West Virginia and my prior perception of the place was Hatfields & McCoys, Rednecks, meth, and Deliverance. After driving through, I am ready to vacation there! We passed the most beautiful lake I have ever seen, it was called Summersville Lake, it had cliffs all along its banks and the water was crystal clear. As we drove over it via bridge, I could see through the water and see the rocky bottom. The lake is over 300 feet deep in some places. We also crossed the New River Gorge, which is a huge bridge, it is 850 feet over the river below. On the third Saturday in October, every year, they close the bridge and people jump off it with parachutes, I think they call it Bridge Day.  The New River Gorge Bridge is featured on the back of the West Virginia quarter. Any ways, the state is breathtaking, really look forward to exploring it more.


Dalia has an amazing eye for things. I am pretty good at scanning water and seeing fish underneath or spotting creatures hiding in the brush, but Dalia is one hundred times better than me. She is amazing at finding frogs and capturing them, they blend in so well in the grass & aquatic vegetation, but it is like they are glowing orange, she spots them so easily. She sometimes gets frustrated with me when I can’t see what she sees. Then once she spots the frog, she assumes a hunter’s stance, prowls around and snatches the frog with her bare hands, she is a very natural athlete, I cannot wait to see her play sports. She is also amazing at finding four leaf clovers, at the age of 5, she has already found at least 4 four leaf clovers, I have never found a 4 leaf clover in my life.


I miss my dog, haven’t seen Toby for a couple of weeks. Hopefully we’ll all be living together in July, can’t come soon enough.   

2 thoughts on “May Updates

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