People say a lot about home ownership, but the best advice I ever received was from my father: “No matter what, commit to making at least one enhancement to your home each year.”


Today, I went through the inspection process of the home we intend to buy, but it looks like several major improvements will be required for the deal to still go through.


I’m not saying the current home owners did not make enhancements each year, home ownership can be a lot like Whack-A-Mole, once you fix one thing, two other items will pop up that require repair. I remember fixing the back door of our current home and being very excited about the enhancement, the following week our water pump stopped working and we had no water. Poof…another couple thousand dollars disappeared!


Our inspector took over four hours to look through every nook and cranny, he even put on a special suit to crawl around in the crawl space for about 20 minutes. After he did his thing, he would emerge from deep concentration and tell me his evaluation, what could remedy the situation, and appropriate maintenance moving forward. I learned an incredible amount about home ownership. I think owning a home is harder than driving a car or raising a child, there should be course people can take before they buy a home.


I am very grateful to our home inspector, he taught me a ton and saved me tons of money. More importantly, he saved my sanity.


My realtor also suggested that as part of the inspection, we get a plumber to guide a camera down the sewer line to check out the health of the pipe. Some people may have balked at this suggestion, thinking it is just the realtor trying to give some business to their plumber friends, but I have lived through replacing a sewer pipe and it involved a backhoe and $5,000. The plumber showed up today with the camera at the end of a long hose cable and snaked it down the drain, we watched the camera travel through the fecal corridor until it showed a huge portion of the pipe completely gone on the right side. I was disappointed that this issue was discovered as I want to move into the home, but pleased that it was discovered prior to me buying the home! The plumber then went to figure out exactly where the break in the pipe was located, unfortunately, it was dead center in the middle of the driveway.


The pipe is just one of 5 large issues that we need to get through, all on similar caliber, not minor cosmetic issues, but pretty big problems that will cost a lot of money to repair. I will try to keep you posted, but for tonight, I am heading to my first Pirates game.


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