Home Saga Continues

We had to terminate our offer for the home we intended to buy in Pittsburgh, the work required was just too much. We loved the house & neighborhood, but it was obvious that we were going to be stepping into a situation that would have been perilous.


Thank the lord for the home inspector, he really did an incredible job and always remained very objective, he stated the issue in a clear and unbiased way…sometimes though, I could tell he wanted to say, “This is just messed up, I have no idea who did it this way, but it should have never been done like that, and a building inspector should have never approved it”, but he would just pause and just focus on the issue and calmly explain that it was “done in a atypical fashion that does not meet existing building code and it will cost between $6,000 and $8,000 to fix it.”


So, my temporary housing is about to expire, my family is just about of our existing house, so that just left me with one option, buy a house without my wife. Jaclyn is not yet completely sold on this decision, but she’ll someday thank me! 


All this reshuffling has pushed our new move in date back to August 1, but we’re going to figure out a way to live together in the meantime. I plan on getting the family a membership to the swim club and hopefully they’ll be spending 75% of their days there.


Wish me luck & keep reminding Jaclyn that she has a great husband! 




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