“I know it looks like I’m moving, but I’m standing still”

Yesterday. It was Monday afternoon, around 4:30PM at work, and I started to feel really sleepy. This is not normal, I can usually power through a work day without a problem, why was I so tired?

I guess it all started last Tuesday when the home inspection revealed significant issues with the home I wanted to purchase. My realtor called me on Wednesday and said that we should seriously consider terminating the contract and seeing if other homes are available. Wednesday night we visited other homes on the market, including one that was my dream home, I put in an offer (without my wife seeing it).

Thursday morning, I needed to square away all the mortgage stuff and go to the realtor’s office to sign all the forms to put in an official offer.

Thursday afternoon, I needed to drive to Louisville, Kentucky for work. The drive is about five and a half hours from Pittsburgh, you cut through Wheeling, West Virginia, then Columbus, Ohio, then Cincinnati, Ohio, and finally arrive in Louisville. The drive was relatively uneventful, except for my realtor calling me to explain that the offer was not accepted by the seller because another offer came in from another potential buyer.

The call came in around 8PM, at this point, I was thirty minutes outside Louisville. My realtor said that we have two hours to come back with our best offer and the seller will decide who gets the home at 10PM that night. This was a stressful situation. On one hand, my wife had not seen the house and was not as convinced as myself that the home was ideal for our family, so if we did not come through with the best offer, Jac could be more involved in the next go around. On the other hand, we would rapidly approaching the prospect of being homeless. 

I rushed into the Louisville Hampton Inn, lugged my bags into the Business Center, which is a tiny room that barely fits two computers and a printer and started to take care of all the required documentation required to put in a revised offer. Once submitted, I drop my bags off in my room, went back downstairs and ordered a Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale (beer that has been aged in bourbon barrels and definitely has a bourbon flavor). The San Antonio Spurs were beating the Miami Heat badly, a couple of guys sat next to me talking about golf and various interstates, I was bored out of my mind. I checked my phone constantly, until 9:30PM when my realtor called and said our offer was accepted. I was elated, Jac was tepid. I asked my realtor to call my wife and explain that the house was wonderful.

At 10PM, with the knowledge that my dream home is secure, I go to bed and prepare for an important meeting the next morning. Friday’s meeting went really well and I accomplished everything I wanted to accomplish, it is now high noon, and since it is Friday, I can head to my family back in Bucks County, PA. The drive home from Louisville is about ten and a half hours, which means I should be back around 11PM.

On Saturday, I took my jeep up for an oil change and marched my kids through Doylestown as we had about 4 hours to kill until the job could be completed, so we walked across the entire town. Saturday evening, my relatives hosted a wonderful going away party, it was a great event and we received all kinds of wonderful, thoughtful gifts.

On Sunday, we had a nice Father’s Day morning, watched How To Train Your Dragon 2 at the theater, then had a Father’s Day party at Jac’s parent’s house. At 8:30PM, I headed back to Pittsburgh and got into my apartment just after midnight.

From Thursday to Sunday, I had driven over 20 hours and on only one of those nights did I have a reasonable night’s rest (Saturday). Now I understood why I was so tired. I watched the clock on my computer tick down to 5PM, told my boss that I was going home, stopped at Subway for a sandwich, and watched US beat Ghana in the World Cup and went to bed.

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