Inspection #2

Today we had the inspection for my dream home. The inspector had tons of great things to say about the home and this one was in terrific shape. As the inspection wrapped up, we were all chatting in the driveway and two big deep sauntered across the back yard. I stopped talking and just stared at the deer, I thought that Toby would get a big kick out of them. 

Jaclyn and I have entered into primary negotiations about where stuff will go, if I play my cards right, I will have total say on decorating decisions in the basement. 

Winston graduates first grade this week, he made amazing progress with his reading. I really admire the Central Bucks school district and how they were flexible enough to give him extra time and resources to enhance his reading abilities. He has made more progress this year than I could have thought possible. Teachers and school systems get a lot of negative feedback thrown their way, but the team at Central Bucks deserves credit. 


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