Same Blog/New Blog

July has been a month full of change and I haven’t been able to document much of it due to technical difficulties. GoDaddy (the company that hosts my website) discontinued its blog service without my knowledge. This was really annoying because my blog actually costs money, I have been paying a monthly fee for years to maintain the blog and keep it running smoothly, so it was a real shock to see the website taken down and the blog gone.

I called GoDaddy and they sent me 549 files (it was essentially the last 7 years of my life distilled down to compressed files) and told me to import them onto a new blog hosting company. Unfortunately, transferring my old blog to WordPress is not an easy task because you can only transfer a few files at a time and then you have to wait a couple days for the transfer to process. I have about 300 more files to go. In the meantime, I wanted to let you know that the blog is not dead, it is just being rebuilt.

More to come, give me some time to catch up and finalize these transfers.



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