Southern California – Coast to Coast


I had to travel to Southern California this week for work, but the exciting thing is that I rented a car for the occasion. I drove out of San Diego, up route 5 to the Mission Viejo & Laguna Beach area. I was very close to The Hills, I think there was a TV show about The Hills. In between meetings, I was able to catch up with San Diego Dave and checked out his hometown, which is essentially a beach town with a couple taco joints, bars, and surf shops. Many folks drove around in Lexus SUVs with surfboards on tops, so surfboard sales must be good. 

After a bunch of meetings, I had to go to a dinner program with a couple of big customers in Palm Desert. It was 115 degrees in Palm Desert and I checked my gas tank regularly, because I knew running out of gas in this desert would mean certain death for me! I made it to dinner, enjoyed a great meal and then retired back in Palm Springs (which is on my top 5 favorite places in America). I was only in my hotel room for about 6 hours because I had to leave at 3AM for a flight. I stopped at the famous rest stop with the huge dinosaurs and snapped this picture. 

Here’s a video of one of my favorite parts of the drive:

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