Unwrapping Us

Before the movers would throw something into the box, they would grab several large sheets of paper and wrap it around the item tightly and then stick it into the box to protect it from being damaged. This sounds trivial, but when you think about the shot glass from Key West, the ceramic turtle you negotiated for in Mexico where your wife sometimes keeps her earrings, the Christmas ornament from Strasbourg, and all the bric-a-brac you collect through the years, it is all wrapped up in thousands of pieces of paper in hundreds of boxes. 

The past couple of days, we’d examine the obtusely named boxes, perhaps labeled “office”, and then cut the tape with a silver Swiss Army Knife, my hand digs down and grabs a bulbous object wrapped in paper and begin to wonder what it will reveal. I was sitting on a office chair with wheels, Jaclyn with her hands on her hips standing behind me, peering over my shoulder, like a silly little Christmas morning ritual as we anticipate the contents. My general method of unwrapping is to grab the paper, hold it up, and allow the gravity of the object within to pull it out and emerge from the cluster, of course I catch it before it falls to the hardwood floors. I take the paper clad cluster from the box labeled “office” and hold it high in the air by the paper and begin to shake it, the heavy object within starts to loosen from the grips of paper, slowly emerging, like the a birth. I continue to shake it loose, a staple is born, and I catch it with a hint of disappointment. I was hoping it was my Randall Cunningham Eagles Beer Glass. 

Jaclyn is much more practical with the unwrapping, she targets boxes labeled linens, towels, bathroom, and clothing. I pushed those boxes aside to unpack my record player, find my favorite pictures from back home, and proudly display my recently assembled Lego Millennium Falcon. It is a wonder she does not kill me.

The house is still half unpacked, lots of boxes still fill the halls, but we’ve made a ton of progress. Most importantly, the record player has been hooked up and it sounds as good as ever.  

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