I quit Facebook a couple of years ago. One of the reasons for quitting was the anxiety induced when about to post something. There were two scenarios I envisioned when posting something, I was either doing something cool and people would think I was a conceded showoff or I was doing nothing and people would think that I was boring. I didn’t want to provoke a response, I didn’t want “likes” or encouragement, I didn’t want friend requests, or criticism, I am too stubborn, I just wanted to do things my way without anyone bothering me. I preferred to have a deeper engagement, hidden in a dark corner of the internet where perhaps only a few people actually checked it. My thoughts could sprawl and drip into all the corners of my life without thinking there was any motive other than a record of events and an occasional reflection. 

Anyways, I provide that preamble to say that this has been a tough couple of days, but things are turning a corner. Last weekend, I drove back across the state of Pennsylvania to attend my Grandmother’s funeral the day after closing on my house. The day after the funeral (Sunday, August 3), I drove back across the state with my family to begin the process of moving in. Every day since has been filled with movers, contractors, unpacking, and buying. We’re now about 75% moved in and things are looking pretty good. Today is Friday and I’m getting out of work around noon, so I’ll have a long weekend to get the house fully operational, we will also try to enjoy the Washington County Fair (they have a Demolition Derby & Fireworks…Jaclyn is not gung ho about either!). 

In regards to Grandmom, here’s a post of one of my favorite conversations with her:

Great lady who cared about everything you did, tap danced into her 80’s, took pride in her piano playing, gardens, recipes, and family.



One thought on “Robinhood

  1. Such a beautiful post! I can’t wait for your family to get finally settled and normalcy re-enters your lives. [normal for the four of you ,that is].
    Miss you all and looking forward to seeing you soon!!


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