Caveat Emptor – Dryer Beware

A funny thing happened when we moved into the house, the washer & dryer were missing. I didn’t remember anyone telling me that the washer and dryer were going to be removed, so I decided to check the contract and review it with a fine tooth comb.

It turns out a fine tooth comb wasn’t really necessary, a standard comb would have sufficed, the contract didn’t state that the washer and dryer would be taken away, but it also did not state that they would be included! Not a deal breaker or anything, would have bought the house for the exact same price either way, it was just surprising, in a bad kind of way, but we press on.

We headed down to Home Depot and put in an offer on a washer and dryer, we opted for high efficiency large capacity units as our family goes through a lot of clothing. As we finalized the transaction, we asked about delivery options and they said that the items need to be shipped to the local distribution center and once it arrives at the “DC”, they can coordinate a shipment to our home. I almost asked if they’d take the old units away, but remembered that the old units were never there.  

It took about a week to get the call to coordinate delivery, in the meantime, a pile of laundry the size of Mount Kilimanjaro accumulated upstairs. The washer and dryer were finally delivered and the guy started to hook them up, he had a thick West Virginian accent, “Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirrrrrr, can you come on down here and take a look at something?” I came bounding down the stairs, ready to lend a hand, despite having no experience hooking up an appliance beyond a toaster oven. “What’s up?” I ask. The burly southerner looked like a dazed brown bear staring at a hummingbird and says, “The dryer zapped me pretty good.” There is absolutely no emotion, in a tone in a normal person would say, “My shoe lace is untied.”

“Good lord, are you okay? Do you need a glass of water or something?” I ask with great concern.

“Nah, just part of the job, I’m always getting shocked.” He replied. “But there’s either some wires switched up in the dryer or your electricity is not grounded properly. I’ll just take the dryer back with me and give you a new one next week.”

He took the dryer away and Jaclyn came downstairs with a very sad and disappointed look on her face and the two of us looked at our lonely washing machine without her dryer companion.

Jaclyn said we should run a load of wash, we can just let the clothing dry off outside. We take a minute figuring out the washing machine, we push a variety of buttons, never thinking to read the instructions, it starts and we’re up and running! We watch the washer, the door on top is clear and we watch the laundry spin around in beautiful circles.

About 30 minutes later the cycle completes and I run into the garage to throw out some boxes and notice water trickling in through a small crack in the cement floor. The discharged water from the washing machine is not draining properly and appears to be backing up through the cement floor. This looks like a big project. Plumber coming tomorrow to assess. Keep your fingers crossed.

There are times in life when there is an enormous gap between your intent and what actually happens. I hate that gap, I spend so much time in my professional and personal life narrowing that gap through constant planning, preparation, and practicing, analysis brings me comfort, the gap gives me agita. We have waded into a gap with our new home, we have work to do, unforeseen work to do, but it is being whittled down. It is still such a fabulous home with a wonderful yard, we’re just breaking it in.  

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