Toby The Bee Hunter Meets The Bee Man

A fly would come buzzing across the living room, it was distracting and disgusting, we all watched it land on the coffee table with contempt. I’m not sure who it was, but someone had the idea to alert the dog, Toby.


Toby popped up, totally alert, his tail straight up, he scans the room ready to take action. We’re all thrilled by his desire to remedy the situation, scoot forward on the couch and point at the insect.


Toby lunges forward, his mouth gulps at the fly, it disappears and the only evidence of the event is a slimy runway of saliva that now sits on the table. We stare at where the fly once was, it cannot be seen, we zoom out and check out the broader room and still see no signs of the fly. I look at Jaclyn to confirm that Toby ate the fly, we agree it has been eaten, and let out a roar of approval for Toby.


His tail wags, he nuzzles up against us, this is his moment.

Fast forward a couple days and Toby is running around the backyard chasing birds and causing havoc. He busts through a garden and stirs up a bunch of bees. Toby is excited by this opportunity to catch additional insects to prove his value to his family, he is not aware that these small creatures can deal him pain. Jaclyn loudly advises Toby to retreat, but he will have none of it. He snaps his jaws at the flying insects trying to catch one, then one catches him on his snout. He retreats in a hurry with bees on his six. He gets on the porch and starts to scratch away at his nose with his hind paw, his face is obviously in discomfort.

I have previous experience in bee extermination (see post from September 2012), which resulted in a violent explosion which alarmed my neighbors, so I am a little gun shy about these things now. I scouted the area out and it looked like bees were coming in and out of a garden, about a 10’ x 10’ area, there wasn’t too many of them, but I enough that I felt like it was out of my scope. We called The Bee Man.

The Bee Man walked right up to the garden where the bees were hanging out and then he didn’t the craziest thing imaginable, he yanked up a bush that sat directly above the bee’s hideout! The bees reacted with supreme agitation and started attacking The Bee Man. The Bee Man yelled, “They are aggressive, I need to get my bee suit!” Jaclyn did not have the luxury of owning a bee suit, so she ran for the cover of the screened in porch.

The Bee Man said that the bees behaved in an unusual manner, they were protecting their ground, but there was not a “nest”, he thought they might be foraging for something. Regardless, he sprayed some poison on the ground and said, “If the bees are gone in 2 weeks, you can send me some money, if they are still there, I am not sure what to do.”

1 week later, the bees are gone, I guess The Bee Man deserves a check.  


One thought on “Toby The Bee Hunter Meets The Bee Man

  1. I’m not Bee Man, but I think I would have had on my Bee suit when I yanked the plant. How much did the bee master cost? Could Toby have handled this?


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