Pennsylvania Motor Speedway

I spent a large part of my Saturday with plumbers, so when the Roto Rooter van pulled out of my driveway I knew it was time to do something fun with the family. I love taking them to new places and exposing them to a variety of activities, I remembered hearing about a big dirt racetrack about 30 minutes away from our home, it is called the Pennsylvania Motor Speedway in Imperial, PA. 

The cars weren’t especially polished, but the course wasn’t even paved, so why bother. The bleachers were wooden and warped, my flip flop fell off and dropped about 10 feet to the earth, I sent Winston under the bleachers to retrieve (which was a mission he was eager to accept). They sold 6 packs of Bud for $15 and that includes the bucket of ice they come served in. We sat down around the first turn in the track and prepared to watch our very first car race. The cars start up and it is loud, deafening, the kids cover their ears and Jaclyn runs down to the concession stand to buy ear protection. She returns and the cars start out on the track, they wiggle left and right for the first lap, Jaclyn speculated it was to assess tire traction or to warm up the tires, I have no idea, it looked silly. The guy with the flags on the elevated platform next to the track pulled out the green flag, that means…GO!!!!

The cars slam on their accelerator and come roaring down towards us, as they approach the first turn they try to make a 90 degree turn while driving 100 mph, which results into a skidding slide with dirt flying up into the crowd, the tires finally grip again and they take off on the next straightaway. It looked exhilarating, if I raced a car on that track just once, I know I would never be able to give it up, I would have to do it over and over again until I was capable of winning every race, it just looks addicting. This is a habit that I do not need to encourage, in fact, Jac suggested that she’d kill me if I ever took up race car racing.

Here’s a quick video of one of the races, they race every Saturday, its cheap awesome fun:

One thought on “Pennsylvania Motor Speedway

  1. You really need to see open wheeled Sprint cars on a dirt track. They look like the older Indy 500 cars. They are incredibly fast. It’s a must!


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