Back To School

Kids First Day School

Today our kids are going back to school, but now in a new school. Dalia enters Kindergarten and Winston enters second grade. They had an opportunity to tour the school and kick the tires on the place, it seems to meet their satisfaction. Dalia is extremely excited to enter the land of big kids and be a part of the social scene, Winston dreads school. School is a major inconvenience for him, it takes him away from leisure, socializing is not in his top ten things to do, and he gets into trouble if he does not pay attention to things he does not want to pay attention to. I can relate to Winston, but I do not want him to duplicate my nearly two decades of boredom in schools, I want him to be engaged and to excel. The schools want him to excel too, but it won’t be easy. He has the brains, but there’s the old saying about leading a horse to water.

We had a great weekend, my parents came up and brought all kinds of goodies. We spent the afternoon doing a brief tour of Pittsburgh, you really need a couple days to see all the great things the city has to offer, but we had a good time checking out The Strip and driving through a couple of the scenic areas. We’re heading back home this weekend, but after that, anyone is welcome to visit us anytime!

We have a Fantasy Football draft this weekend, I have not watched a single preseason game or read a single article about it, I haven’t played a softball game this year, I am ready to go home and hang with the guys on Saturday. 

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