A friend offered me a ticket to last night’s Pirates game. I had a Gunner’s Hotdog which was a foot long and about as thick as Winston’s arm, it was awesome. In addition, during the Great Pierogi Race in between innings, the trailing pierogi (which I believe to be Oliver Onion) made a late desperate effort to catch up to the 3 pierogies ahead of him and caught up to Sauerkraut Saul and shoved him as hard as possible. This resulted in Sauerkraut Saul flying forward crashing into Jalapeno Hanna and Cheese Chester and the 3 Pierogies came tumbling to the ground, while the trailing Oliver Onion sauntered around the mayhem he caused and finished the race first. It was a nasty bit of competition, but highly entertaining!

For the first time ever, I decided to take the public transit into the city, it is a light rail train and it cost $3.75 each way (they only take exact change which is a policy that could only be imagined by a government run entity). The train was clean and 98% of the passengers wore Pirates gear. The 30 minute train ride is actually longer than driving your car into the city. It never gets up to a high speed and makes frequent stops, but it was very comfortable and is fun to be in a vehicle with hundreds of other fans that are all excited for the game and sharing in their misery on the way home from a loss. It was worth the $3.75 and extra time to get to be surrounded with some great fans.

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