Cold Turkey


A couple weeks ago I posted about the washer & dryer taking us down a sad path of plumbing issues, the path ultimately led to the image above. The picture is of my garage. Plumbers and contractors came out and jackhammered the valley through the garage (and basement) to expose an old corroded broken pipe. The next day they replaced the pipes and on the third day they cemented everything over and we’re back in business. Roto Rooter estimated the job at over $10,000, fortunately, another plumbing company came out and estimated it around $6,600 + our insurance company gave us a decent check that covered about half the costs. We’re now all good to go, the house is in great shape and things are falling into place. So much so, I recently made a big change in my life.

For the past 9 months, I was working crazy hours, driving 10 hours each weekend to commute home, and just overdoing it in all aspects of my life. All this stress to the system resulted in an increased reliance on caffeine and I was often amping up on soda on the long car rides through the middle of the night or stopping at the Starbucks at 6AM before going into work. Now that life is settling down and I’m making an effort to get home each night to enjoy dinner with my family, I decided that caffeine is no longer necessary for a bit, I was going to quit cold turkey.

I quit last Tuesday, in it’s place, I drank seltzer water and regular water. The day went by without any issues, in fact, Wednesday was a piece of cake too. Thursday was a different story, at 2PM on Thursday, my head started to throb, I was exhausted, and I couldn’t do a single thing. I was at work, but barely more than that. I made it home that night, ate dinner, and went to sleep. Friday was no better, in fact, I think a new stage of withdrawal kicked in…anger. I was a grump SOB on Friday and even alerted Jaclyn, I said that I could bring home some takeout, put on a movie for the kids and then try to get some sleep, but I was in a horrible mood. On Saturday, my headache symptoms started to abate, but I had this weird fuzzy feeling in my head and basic activities were still challenging, I was still cantankerous. I bought a Rubbermade Storage thing for our garage to help organize tools and I couldn’t figure out how to put it together, Jaclyn came over and with a kind suggestion, “try flipping that piece over and slide it in there”, I looked at her in disgust and said, “That is the dumbest idea I have ever heard.”, I am not sure how she did it, perhaps from her years as a drug counselor, but she remained calm and said, “can you just give it a shot?”. I tried it and it worked, wow, I am an a-hole. My mood slowly improved over the weekend, but it was never was good.

Today is Tuesday and a week later, I am back in business, I feel really good. The kids have really made me proud over the past couple of days. Winston studied very hard for his spelling test and he got 14 out of 15 correct (he spelled lettuce incorrectly, he spelled it “lettus”). He has shown evidence of taking school somewhat seriously this year, he even received a nice note from his teacher saying he had a great day.

Dalia is now in Kindergarten and she loves it, she even is disappointed when they don’t give her homework. She’s off to a great start and each night she tells us about every aspect of her school day, seriously, she takes us through a minute by minute account of her entire day. She’s made tons of friends too, she sounds remarkably happy. We took her to Allegheny Childrens Hospital for a series of tests and examinations, the doctors said she was a strong and healthy kid, I couldn’t agree more!


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