Disney, Anniversary, and Pics Off My Phone

I had a bunch of frequent flyer miles stored away and booked us a trip to Orlando for mid January! We will be going from January 17 to the 23. The kids don’t know it yet, so don’t tell them (it will be a present for the holidays)! Dalia is obsessed with Sea World, but Jaclyn is concerned about the treatment of the Orcas, I think we will go and Jaclyn will just have to pretend the whale is happy. Hopefully, the whale trainer does not get eaten while we’re in attendance. Winston is very interested in Legoland, so that may be a day too. We will also spend a day finding gators north of Orlando on a boat tour. We’ll definitely hit up Disney, but we have a bunch of other items on the itinerary.

Today is my 8th anniversary of being married to Jaclyn. When I got engaged, a lot of men advised that it was a bad idea. These were not close confidants, they were work colleagues, guys at the bar, or the local barber who said his wife ruined his life, in fact, she left him for another woman in New Hope. I think the thing that you have to admit is that your life changes significantly when you get married. For example, my weekends used to consist of watching 7 or 8 games of football (NCAA & NFL) and playing 2-4 games of slow pitch softball. If I wasn’t watching football or playing softball, I was fishing on the river. It was glorious, life was pretty awesome. It was quickly brought to my attention that this arrangement would not sustain a happy marriage. A compromise was necessary, so I agreed to only watch the NFL and cut out the college football on Saturdays. I also decided to retire from the coed softball league and just play in the men’s league, which cut my softball time in half. So what in the world filled up that time and was it worth it?

We moved a lot. We started our life together in the lovely village of Frenchtown, NJ (we both think we’ll end up living there again someday), then we moved to Doylestown, PA, then we stayed at Jac’s parent’s house while we scraped together money for a down payment on a home, then we moved to Hartsville, and now Pittsburgh.

We added kids & a dog to the equation. If you think marriage changes things, kids blow the whole thing up! Instead of watching the Eagles game at the sports bar sipping on a Pumpkin Beer, you’re at some farm on a hayride picking pumpkins while checking the score update on your smart phone!

We went on many adventures. I think this is something that I inherited from my father, but we’ve been everywhere that is within a day’s drive. We would go to the beach, DC, Baltimore, NYC, Philly, High Rocks, Ringing Rocks, Ithaca, Hershey, all along the Delaware River and even a couple portions of the Appalachian Trail. That’s a benefit of living in Pittsburgh, it opens a whole new set of cities, towns, and places to explore.

I think the amount of “adventure” in our life exceeds what Jaclyn would have chosen, the amount of softball and football consumption is less that I would have chosen, but I think the blend results in something so much more interesting. For example, imagine how boring this blog would have been if I just recounted my softball performances and going to Tonelli’s to watch the football games? If you go back to my August 2007 entries, you can actually see that the posts were more dominated by video games and softball (many of the images disappeared during the blog transition).

Maid of the Mist

Maid of Mist Deem Niagara

Win & Jac at a wedding

photo 1

Dalia impressed to match her pet “Pammee”

photo 2

Dalia trying to make her cheeks red

photo 3

A picture of Pittsburgh, I took this from Mt. Washington


Dalia giving me a recital


Jaclyn having fun at the Disney store


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