Power Washer

I forgot to mention that I rented a power washer this weekend to clean up the garage. I went down to Ace Hardware to rent a power washer, the guy told me to meet him out back to pick up the machine and get a basic overview on how to use it. He pointed at this black lever, “this is to open up the fuel”, he pointed at a grey lever, “this is your choke and this gray bar is the throttle, oh, and here’s the on/off switch and before you pull this, make sure the water is turned on”. He kept pointing at all kinds of things and I just kept saying, “yup, ok, sure, ok, yeh, no problem”, but inside my brain I was thinking this seems awfully complicated.

I took it back to the house and somehow got it started right away, it was a miracle. Now the fun could begin, I started spraying the garage down and sweeping out the water, might as well touch up the cement walls too! After spraying down the garage, figured I should spray off the garage door since I had another couple hours on the rental and spraying stuff with the power washer exciting!

Jaclyn came out to inspect and asked that I touch up the driveway since everything that was in the garage was now all over the driveway. I was delighted, more power washing! I called out for Winston and asked if he would like to assist, of course he obliged! I put the sprayer in his hands and told him to just point it at the ground and squeeze the trigger. The force of the spray spun him around in a circle, he did a complete 360 and sprayed me right across my legs. Later that night I noticed I had an abrasion from the incident and didn’t think too much about it. I told a work colleague and he said that some serious accidents happen with power washers and that kids should not be allowed to use them, he even said that a kids toe was cut off once! Fortunately, no toes were lost, but the kids did spend some time shooting it up in the air making rainbows.

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