Funny Burger Story, Wallpaper Removal & Falling Water

A bunch of sales people flew into Pittsburgh to visit my office’s headquarters. They were in town for a big business meeting to discuss the next quarter and what needs to be done to finish the year strong. After the meeting, we all went out to a bar/restaurant up the road, there was probably 15 of us. The place offers this crazy hamburger with 5 types of meat in it, I think it has Boar, Venison, Angus, Buffalo, and Lamb. I figured it was something new and I should try it, I don’t think anyone else ordered it and everyone wanted to someone to try it, I stepped up to the challenge. The waitress starts bringing out the food, 13 of the 15 people get their food and I am still waiting for my 5 types of meat burger. She finally comes back after a real long time and places the hamburger in front of me and says, “I’m so sorry about the wait, here is your burger!” The last person still hadn’t received his food yet, but by this time everyone else was already eating so I decided that I should start eating. I grab the burger and take a chomp out of it. All eyes are on me and the person across the table says, “So, what do you think of the 5 types of meat burger?”

“It tastes like every single hamburger I have ever eaten, remarkably normal.” I take a couple more bites being somewhat relieved and disappointed at the same time when the waitress comes around to the 15th person at the table and places a really strange hamburger in front of him and says “Here’s the 5 Types Of Meat burger, sorry for the wait!” The man has waited for about 40 minutes to receive his food, almost everyone is finished their meals, and he looks back at the waitress and says, “I did not order this, I just ordered the normal burger”. At this point, we all realize the my hamburger tasted normal because I had indeed consumed a normal hamburger and now this poor guy inherited my weird creation. I watched him eat it, he processed it very slowly, I do not think he enjoyed it at all, but he was a good sport about it.

Jaclyn tasked me with removing the wall paper from the living room. I tried this at my old house and it was literally the worst project I’ve ever taken on. We’re talking hours of work for very meager progress. We were optimistic that this wall paper would come off easier. We punched thousands of little holes in it and squirted some liquid chemical all over that is supposed to make it peel right off. Nope, we’re scraping away at this like a monkey trying to peel bark off a tree, fighting over a centimeter of paper at a time. I told Jaclyn that I cannot do it, my head will explode, there has to be an easier way. I head to Home Depot and purchase a steamer. The steamer is the greatest invention ever, we were able to get the entire room done in a single morning, probably 3 hours. I love the steamer, no better way to spend $50.

This weekend we took a trip to Ohiopyle State Park and Falling Water to explore and see if it is worth coming back for a longer period of time, it is gorgeous. Looks like there are a lot of things to do, but mostly rafting, kayaking, hiking, camping, fishing, biking, outdoor stuff. Falling Water is spectacular, if not at first, you have to think about the land before the home was there, how we integrated it into the environment which includes sheer rock walls, a stream, and waterfalls. Frank Lloyd Wright really made an amazing home in a beautiful place, you can usually find one or the other, but this place is both. Plus the sound of a water fall and leaves jostling was quite relaxing.

Falling Water

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