Tap Shoes

I turned 36 yesterday, now I’m closer to 40 than 30, which seems significant. My grandmother said the 40’s were the best years of her life because she felt like things were really falling into place for them, but they still had plenty of vitality to enjoy it. I feel that way about 36.

I’m heading home this weekend to visit friends and family. Going to bring home a couple treats from Pittsburgh, let me know if you need some Iron City beer or pierogies.

I’ve been messing around with our fireplace lately, trying to reduce the smell of creosote. I bought this log that you light on fire and the smoke cleans out the chimney. Before lighting the log, I shined a flashlight up the chimney and checked it out. I was somewhat intimidated by chimneys, but after my thorough evaluation, I think I got a good handle on it. I saw the “lining” and also figured out how to open the flue. Very simple. I lit the creosote log and it seemed to work, the smell is gone. They recommend lighting another fire a couple days later in the fireplace, could be my project tonight.

We also have a gas fireplace in the kitchen, it does not have a cover in front of it and Jac is terrified that a kid will walk by it and somehow catch on fire. I need to find a protective screen for the little opening. I love the idea of fire providing heat, but it alarms Jac, we are working on appropriate compromises to meet in the middle.

The kids have been off to a great start at school. Their school has all kinds of reports available on a website and it updates through the day, we can know how Winston is behaving in real time. I am happy they didn’t have that when I was a kid! Ultimately, it will have a great impact on him though, he’s been having an amazing week at school and I’m proud of his effort.

Dalia knows every single person at school, she is the mayor. She now has tap shoes and loves to perform, hopefully a couple of you can watch her go at it this weekend.

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