The Black Dog

RKDeem acknowledges the Black Dog Institute for some of this content, I first learned about the black dog in a great biography of Winston Churchill called The Last Lion.

Winston Churchill referred to his depression/sadness as “The Black Dog”. He once said, “…if my black dog returns. He (the black dog) seems quite away from me now – it is such a relief. All the colours come back into the picture.”

I always knew to steer clear from black cats, but I did not know black dogs were problematic too. Some people say that when a child is angry or moody, he or she has a black dog on their back.

I love this black dog reference from Horace’s Carmina:

No company’s more hateful than your own
You dodge and give yourself the slip; you seek
In bed or in your cups from care to sneak
In vain: the black dog follows you and hangs
Close on your flying skirts with hungry fangs.
Anyways, I am not depressed, but I literally have a BLACK DOG. This black dog sneaks in bed with me at night, he wedges himself between my wife & I. The black dog stretches his massive body out and it contorts my body while I sleep, I wake in the mornings with pain in my back. The black dog sometimes wakes me up in the middle of the night barking at intruders who are not present. Our black dog Toby is trying to show his dominance over the metaphorical one.

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