Jaclyn reports that a squirrel woke her up last night, which I just find hysterical. I am imagining a little squirrel outside howling, but she said she thinks it was scratching a wall and reported that it sounded like it was in my closet. I slept right through the experience, I think Toby did too.

Traveled home last weekend to visit our family & had the opportunity to hear the stories of my parents exploring the world by boat with their old bulldog Lucy. Beautiful photos and stories from their travels, jealousy inducing! Speaking of Lucy, she is generally unpleasant and tends to snarl at you to intimidate you into providing her food, if you accidentally bump into her, she might snap at your feet. Which makes her relationship with my sister’s toddler daughter, Molly, very funny. First of all, Molly loves Lucy, which is odd because Lucy is not warm & cuddly like a stuffed animal, Lucy’s disposition (and scent) is comparable to Oscar the Grouch. However, Molly is never deterred and approaches Lucy with a huge smile and plants big kisses on the dog’s face, Lucy reciprocates with kisses of her own. We tried to get Molly to kiss actual family members, but Lucy was the only one fortunate enough to get a kiss. I think Molly will love the Princess & the Frog stories when she gets older.

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