Control + Alt + Down Arrow

Because of confidential & proprietary information, my work automatically shuts you out of me computer if I don’t do anything with it for 5 minutes. When it shuts me out, I need to hit control + alt + delete to bring in the sign in screen and enter my password (which requires changing every couple of months…this is very top secret stuff I’m working on!).

As a side note, I read an article about Bill Gates and someone asked him why you needed to hit Control + Alt + Delete to bring up the task manager & he said, “It was a mistake..We could have made it a single button but the IBM keyboard design didn’t want to give us a single button.” That is the kind of BS that would have driven Steve Jobs up the wall.

Anyways, I come back from a meeting, sit in the cubicle in front of my computer and go to log in, but everything on my computer is upside down. It is like someone took my monitor and flipped it on its head, but the monitor was standing on the base exactly as it should be.

Here’s where I probably miscalculated, I stand up in a sea of cubicles and say “Okay, who’s messing with my computer?!” Everyone looks at me like I am crazy. “Come on people, admit it, who flipped my screen.” Everyone looks bewildered. I start pushing buttons on my monitor attempting to resolve the issue, no luck.

“Alright! If no one admits to messing with my computer, I am going to get all of you back!” I point to this nice woman who sits next to me and say, “You’re first!”

She looks completely appalled and says, “I was going to try to help you, but not anymore.”

I use my mouse in reverse as up is down and down is up to fire up The Google. The screen is displaying everything upside down and I type in “Screen Is Upside Down”, within seconds The Google gives me the answer, push Control + Alt + Up Arrow at the same time and it will resolve your issue.

I couldn’t believe it, it was that easy to really mess with someone’s screen. You can push Control + Alt + Right Arrow and it will make your screen go to the right, it works in any direction. I am beginning to realize that I probably did it to myself when I was hitting Control + Alt + Delete to reactivate my computer. If stupid Bill Gates had only made it a single button!

I rise from my chair again, I issue an apology to the folks surrounding me and said that I may have just done it to myself. Someone laughed and I went over to their computer and hit the 3 buttons to turn their screen upside down.

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