Weekend Recap – Zanesville & American Girl Dolls

On Saturday morning, we made the two and a half hour drive to Columbus, OH to visit a huge shopping complex that has an American Girl Doll store. A little more than halfway there, we made a pit stop in the town of Zanesville, OH.  We stopped a the visitor center and learned a couple things about the town:

  1. Huge pottery scene in Zanesville, they have huge barns and buildings dedicated to selling the famous Zanesville pottery.
  2. Zane Grey, famous author about Western adventures was born here
  3. Zanesville is the home of the world’s only Y shaped bridge, we rode over it and it was interesting (but not worth anything greater than a 15 minute detour to see it)
  4. Big Muskie once roamed the Zanesville landscape to dig up earth and excavate coal. They said it weighed 27,000,000 pounds and was 22 stories tall.

Here’s Big Muskie in his prime (I believe it was demolished in 1999, but the scooper was saved)


The scooper!

After learning all about Zanesville and riding across the world’s only Y shaped bridge, we resumed our journey to Columbus. When we arrived in Columbus, we entered the huge mall that was home to the American Girl Doll store. We wandered around until we found a map, the map said that the American Girl store was actually outside the mall, we walked out the door and saw the store about 100 yards away on the horizon. Dalia’s gate transformed into a run, her little purse flopping in the wind behind her, Jaclyn and I laughed about her enthusiasm and then realized that we needed to start running to catch up to her! We start running to catch up to her and burst through the doors of the American Girl store out of breath.

Dalia started to look around and it was very overwhelming. At this point, Winston & I decided to hit up the Lego store for 30 minutes to let Dalia take it all in. When we returned, Dalia was holding up a box with a brand new American Girl doll and she was very excited to finalize the transaction. After we purchased the doll, Dalia & Jaclyn had reservations in the bistro within the American Girl store. I think they spent about $14 on desserts (which included tea for the doll). The people in the store found out it was Dalia’s birthday and they all sang to her and let her keep the teacup for the new doll.

Winston and I were at the bookstore during this time & he used a gift card to purchase some books on Minecraft. He is just like me, he loves reference type books (nonfiction).

On the way home we pulled off on an exit in the middle of nowhere to fill up our gas tank. The gas station sold beer (I bought a 12 pack of Old Milwaukee that came in camouflage cans for $6.99). raw meat (steaks, hamburger meat, etc.), and everything else you could need, I assume it was the town’s grocery store. We saw nothing but military people coming in and out of the store, it looked like the major employer of the town. As we were exiting the town, a pickup truck had a bumper sticker that said, “Build a well, bring a soldier home”. Route 70 West had several huge oil wells along the road, we think about the environmental cost, but it is hard to deny the economic gains it brings to these towns.

On Sunday, I raked 14 more thirty gallon bags of leaves, bringing my Fall total up to 34. Despite raking 34 bags of leaves, 75% of our yard is still under the fallen foliage. I can’t wait until my kids can do that stuff.

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