Meat Party

Dalia officially turns six today. Last night my back was uncomfortable, so I laid on the wooden dining room floor to flatten out the kinks. Dalia brought her art supplies over to me and created masterpieces next to me, she really enjoys company. After showing me several of her creations, she went to her backpack & produced a piece of paper with a phone number scribbled onto it, half the numbers were facing the wrong direction, she said, “Here’s Ava’s number, we can call it to set up a play date.” I told her that she should provide that information to her mom as I am not a good social coordinator.

Jaclyn went over to a friend’s house last night and I believe candle sales were also involved, I wonder that kind of event would look like for men. If I was going to have a bunch of men over to my house to sell stuff, here would be my plan:

  1. I would get a bunch of rubber maid rectangular tubs and fill them with ice.
  2. I would go to a butcher and see if I could buy all the meat from an entire cow.
  3. Raw meat would be displayed in the various ice filled containers for purchase, big knives would be involved to allow people to cut their steaks to their desired thickness.
  4. We would be blasting Led Zeppelin on the record player
  5. We would have a soda machine filled with Coor’s Light and charge $1 per can
  6. Ideally, a sporting event would be on the TV during it all

I am sitting at the airport and a nice lady in her 50’s is listening to Taylor Swift on her phone, but without headphones, she is just blasting it for all of us to hear. She seems incredibly happy and it puts a smile on my face.

3 thoughts on “Meat Party

  1. Sign me up for your meat party!! Tell Dalia I would love to squeeze her until her eyes bug out – I always threaten to do that. I’m so sorry I won’t see her on her birthday but I’m thinking of her!


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