Veterans Day

Over the weekend I had to go to Atlanta for work. As I got off the airplane and headed towards baggage claim, you go up a very tall escalator that takes you to a giant lobby where family members can meet you. As I emerged from the escalator, I see a mom and her son standing against the rope identifying the farthest you can go without a ticket.

The son had created a large sign out of poster board that said, “I’ve waited 181 days for this moment, I love you Dad!!!” The son was holding the sign up high, he was bouncing with energy, a smile that could not be contained, he leaned against the rope testing the boundary, determined to shave off every millisecond between present & reunion with dad.

The Mom stood next to her son, seemed a tiny bit anxious about something, tapped her foot, checked her watch, and looked at the big electronic signs with flight arrivals.

I stood back, wanting to see this reunion take place, it was going to be an emotional powerhouse.

I assumed the dad was on the plane, so excited to be back on US soil, waiting for the plane to taxi to the gate. Perhaps some people were slow getting their bags in front of him as he waited patiently to get off the plane.  Trying to figure out how to cram in all the love and affection to his boy to replenish him after being away for 181 days.

The kid is still holding the sign up high, his excitement is indefatigable! Mom checks her watch again.

I realize that this reunion may take place in a couple minutes or an hour from now. I picked up my bag and didn’t get to see the happy ending. Hoping their veterans day is filled with peace & happiness, they have earned it.

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