Kid knees

I have been living out of a suitcase for awhile. Last Friday, I traveled down to Atlanta and stayed there until Sunday. I left Atlanta and flew to Newark, then on Wednesday I flew from Newark to Miami, and late last night I touched down in Philadelphia. It was cold and rainy, but I do have such a soft spot for this city. The grit & toughness of these people is immediately evident.

I am in Philadelphia today to attend a kidney conference with my sister. It looks like she may need a transplant and I am hoping I can give her one of  mine. The conference should be a good learning opportunity, but more importantly, it is great to be in the center of the universe working on the issue. The people at the American Society of Nephrology have been wonderful & helping us at each step.

After the conference, I am looking forward to seeing my family (parents, in-laws, pop-pop, and I must stop by the cemetery to visit grandmom as she has been on my mind). Dalia gets to celebrate her birthday for a third time this weekend, I don’t think she will mind the redundancy of it all.

In Miami, I stayed at a Hilton Garden Inn and had two hours before I could check in or go to my work meeting. I asked the front desk if there was any place I could walk to for a bite to eat, they suggested a Denny’s across the street. I grabbed my luggage and walked in the direction they pointed, I got to the “street” that I had to cross and it was 7 lanes of highway. It was like the most advanced level of Frogger imaginable. After assessing the risk for a couple of minutes, the incoming lanes of traffic came to a halt. I dragged my suitcase through the traffic and got to the median. The other traffic came to a temporary stop and I made a run for it, but my suitcase tagged my right foot and I totally fell in the middle of the highway, thankfully the cars stopped and watched me collect my papers, dust off, and get to the Denny’s. I almost died for that omelet, it was not worth it. My knees are scraped and I had to throw away the pants as they got ripped.

Right now I sit in a cafe in Philadelphia, they only carry one newspaper, “Philadelphia Gay News”. My curiosity implores me to grab the latest edition and see what news is hot off the press for gays, but it is probably very similar to all the other news. I decide to just leave it alone.

On Monday, I have one brief trip left to Los Angeles and then my travel ceases until 2015. I will never enjoy Thanksgiving break as much as I will this year. I wouldn’t mind a little Glenn Miller Band & turkey.

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