A Quick Visit

We had a jam packed weekend which started off at the kidney convention (there’s an amazing amount of research & activity around kidneys), fascinating to see the amount of resources dedicated to the study of that body part.

Dalia had another birthday party with her relatives and she is one very happy camper, one of the last things I remember from this weekend was of her sitting down with her Calico Critters and soliciting my assistance to put a tiny Calico Critter telephone onto a tiny table in their tree house. Dalia loves seeing her older cousin Madisyn, I am very happy that they enjoy each others company so much.

After the birthday party, Jaclyn & I went to a wedding for a former work colleague. We had a great time catching up with old pals, but we were also tired and made it an early night.

On Sunday, I visited my Grandmother’s grave and thought about how great she did. She told me many stories of how she and Pop-Pop grew up with no money and for awhile had to live with her parents or once when Pop-Pop got injured (I believe his injury was acquired in a recreational baseball game), they had to eat lots of canned food to stay afloat. Despite their meager finances, they always seemed to be an abundance at their home. The garden was always overflowing with vegetables, they always offered food or beverage when you made an unannounced visit, and they were so happy & proud of their family.

She was someone who grew up through the depression, multiple wars, and lived modestly, but I know she would have told me that she lived in the best of times and had many lucky breaks.

Being at a grave site or a loved one makes you consider your own mortality, I hope to leave a footprint as remarkable as hers. Just like a flower that has sent its seeds into the air, knowing they’ve all landed on fertile ground with adequate sun to grow up tall & beautiful, so you can continue to live on through all of them. I am thankful to her, she gave us amazing ground to grow from and I see her in my children (especially Dalia). Dalia’s knack for tap dancing, her ability to wrestle her brother to the ground, and her unbridled competitiveness, Grandmom is still very much alive.

Afterwards, we visited Pop-Pop, where Dalia & Winston caught a frog, Dalia also ended up giving her brother a bloody mouth, and in between, I got to talk with my grandfather a bit. He seems to be doing quite well, reading a lot and watching movies from the library that mom brings to him. He recently watched and enjoyed Oh Brother Where Art Thou, my parents watched it afterwards and my mom did not share his enthusiasm. I love how no one in my family has a similar taste in movies.

Right now I am reading a book about Alan Turing, it is fascinating how so many intelligent men have struggled so much in school. A common theme is that they do not bother to master the simple tasks of spelling or handwriting and they make no effort to learn subjects that they do not find interesting. They also tend to be loners in school. A movie is coming out about him this winter and I hope it is worthy of his story.

I write this from 30,000 feet in the air as I make my final business trip of 2014. A couple days in Los Angeles and then back to home sweet home. Winston was very sad to see me leave, I cannot wait for this year’s holidays and to spend extra time with them, it has been a long year.

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