Fixed Itself

I left for California at 6AM on Monday morning, it was pitch black & raining, cold as heck, and pouring rain. I jogged to my car, threw in my suitcase, fired it up and I see a light on my dashboard indicating the tires were low. I hop out in the pouring rain, run around my car giving each tire a brief visual inspection, and hop back in concluding that the tires are good enough to get me to the airport.

I am now soaked and my glasses are wet & foggy. I throw the car in reverse and within seconds, my bumper & fender were tangled up with a large telephone pole that sits next to my driveway. I stop the car and the bumpers are all bent up and look somewhat mangled, I was so angry with myself I could have kicked my tire (but the tire pressure was already too low!).  I had no time to figure out anything more than how to get the car off the pole without damaging my car more or knocking down the utility pole. I come up with a solution, hop back into the car, cut the wheel and get off the pole without creating any additional issues. I jump back outside, look at the car’s damage, look at the utility pole (which was undamaged, thank God!), and get back into the car, I am know soaking wet. The whole car ride to the airport, I was an agitated monster, complaining to myself about how much I’ve been working, traveling, lack of sleep, the stupid weather, etc.

I pull into the airport parking lot and the rain had stopped. I grab my suitcase and take one last look at the damage, miraculously, the plastic bumper and flare over the tire just fixed itself. It all bent back into shape, I guess jeeps are anticipated to bump into things and so their materials are more malleable, it was awesome!  You can definitely still see a little line where it was bent, but it gives the car character and looks a million times better then it looked after the initial collision.

It made my 5 hour flight to California much easier on the mind. My trip to California was much better than Miami, I stayed near Venice Beach and worked 14 hour days, but took long walks in the morning & night. I saw a guy catch a small mackerel off the Venice Beach Pier at 8:30PM, I was still in my work outfit, but wished I could have borrowed his pole for a bit. The pier had all kinds of characters, fisherman, homeless, weed smokers, and affluent youngsters + 1 guy in business clothes (me).

On Friday, my family is going to watch the Christmas tree get lit up in downtown Pittsburgh, fireworks to follow!

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