DJ Deem

The school nurse called Jaclyn yesterday saying that she thought Winston had head lice. Jaclyn was understandably freaked out and texted me. Upon receiving the text, my head started to itch, I immediately rolled my office chair away from the other people at the conference table to reduce chances of a little bug jumping from my head onto theirs. I do not want my legacy at this company to be patient zero for the massive head lice infestation.

Jaclyn picked Winston up at school and then took him to the doctor to get the diagnosis confirmed (the school nurse never saw the lice, just flaky skin on his head). The doctor took a long look at Winston’s scalp and determined it was NOT head lice and that it was just something weird with his scalp being agitated by something. Jaclyn immediately concluded that it was a result of Winston’s bad habit of failing to rinse 75% of the shampoo out of his hair when taking showers. He likes the sensation of having the shampoo in his hair like a gel which allows his hair to be styled in unusual fashions. Trust me, we try to discourage this, but sometimes he slips though and goes to bed with shampoo still on his head and this time it resulted in a false alarm for head lice.

We had the opportunity to visit home for the Thanksgiving break. On the Saturday following Thanksgiving, Jaclyn and I snuck out to the Heart of Oak pub in Buckingham and decided to have a drink. We pulled up to the bar and I had a Guinness and Jaclyn a glass of red wine. While we enjoying grown up time, I looked up at all the liquor bottles on display behind the bar and saw a couple that I’d never seen before from the Hewn Distillery. I looked them up on my phone and saw that they were made in Pipersville, PA and that they have tastings on Fridays and Saturdays from 5PM to 11PM. It was only 8PM, so I told Jac that we were making a road trip. She was up for the adventure and we followed the directions on the phone until we found the spot, we drove by real slow as it was in an industrial park and we were certain that no one would be there, but sure enough, a group of 8 or 9 people were in the intimate room with refurbished barn wood. Upon walking in, we saw the bartender happened to be an old friend who I played football with years ago. He immediately lined up a sampling of whiskey, two types of rum, and moonshine. It is not a sampling for the faint of heart, it is a pretty manly experience and a little too much for Jaclyn, but I was in my zone. They also offered up great mixed drinks and we enjoyed some hot cider mixed with moonshine and it was delicious. In the summer, the place has food trucks that come by and it sounds like quite a happening, you should check the place out if you need something different on the weekend.

I am in the process of making a Christmas present that no one wants. I purchased a microphone for my computer and I’m making my own 1 hour radio show. Jaclyn and I listened to a draft of it last night and it is pretty terrible, but amusing in an amateurish way.

Thanks for reading & stay warm.

One thought on “DJ Deem

  1. Your Thanksgiving Break story made me feel like I was with there with you at the Hewn Distillery. Having enjoyed your blog, I’ve no doubt that people will enjoy your radio show!


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