Work Misc

Work Anecdote

At my work we often hold big conference calls with our entire sales force, we’re talking hundreds of people. We go into a conference room and dial in, an operator greets us once we dial in. We ask the operator how many of our sales representatives are on the phone and the operator tells us. This number is about 50 fewer than we were expecting, we decide to hold off on starting the call for another 5 minutes to allow the stragglers more time to dial in. We check back in 5 minutes later and now we’re only 15 people short of the targeted number, we hold off on starting the call for another 2 minutes before we finally begin.

A couple of weeks ago, I run into a sales rep and he says, “Why in the world do you always start your conference calls 7-10 minutes late, since you guys never start on time, everyone knows to just dial in 5 minutes late.”

Work & Food

I feel like I can associate each of my jobs with a specific meal. Here we go:

  • The first job I really took seriously was Heller’s Seafood. They make fresh tuna salad by cooking up actual tuna steaks and then mashing them up into a delicious salad. One summer, I ate that tuna salad every single day. Years later I realized that tuna contains high amounts of mercury and eating it daily is a great way to get mad hatters disease which can cause insanity.
  • After Heller’s, I transitioned to Enterprise Rent-A-Car in Doylestown, I would go to Pina’s Pizza 3 for lunch. They had an amazing selection of pizza, it was like you could get any kind of meal on a pizza. They had taco pizza, cheesesteak pizza, General Tso’s pizza, and anything else you could imagine. It is silly that they make it known that they are the third Pina’s Pizza…for all those people keeping track.
  • Then I moved to a pharma company and they had a giant cafeteria where they had numerous stations for different types of foods, it was incredible. This is the kind of thing that could only happen when you’re young & dumb, but I somehow convinced the president of the company to host a softball tournament with a huge barbeque cookout during the final game. I need to put that on my resume.
  • Pharma ad agency in Parsippany, NJ. No cafeteria was present and I was over an hour away from home, I often went to the Shop Rite, order two slices of pizza, and went back to my Honda Accord in the parking lot and ate while listening to Sports Talk radio. One day the wind was blowing real hard and I saw a shopping cart rolling in the direction of my car, it gained speed exponentially, and by the time I realized it was going to hit my car with tremendous force, I tried to open the door but the wind was blowing against it so hard I couldn’t open it and the cart wailed against the car and dented the side.
  • Pharma ad agency in Far Hills, NJ. This was a small start up company and it was located in an old house and garage. It was in a real rich old town and right next store was a deli called The Butler’s Pantry. We went there almost daily and the people who made our sandwiches never washed their hands. They would sneeze, take cash out the register, sweep the floor, and then make a sandwich, no washing of hands. It was close and still tasted good, I lived through it.
  • Pharma ad agency in Horsham, PA. On most days, I worked in a pharma company with a cafeteria. I ordered mozzarella sticks and a salad. I became a connoisseur of mozzarella sticks, I could tell just by looking at them if they’d be a good batch or dried out and hollow on the inside.
  • Pharma Company in Horsham (same company that I supported with the ad agency), but now Tonelli’s was open! Tonelli’s was legendary, great pizza, lots of TVs, cheese steaks were great!
  • Pharma Sales all over mid-Atlantic area, favorite place that I ate was Denino’s Pizzeria & Tavern in Staten Island (opened in 1937). Cash only, but incredible pizza and mozzarella sticks.
  • Pharma Company South of Pittsburgh. Over the past 3 months I’ve been on a soup kick, eating soup for lunch on a regular basis. Real big fan of chicken tortilla soup. This location has also introduced me to banana peppers and I’m eating spicy foods on a more regular basis.

One thought on “Work Misc

  1. I totally agree with your sales rep. I often wondered why they punished the punctual people by starting the meeting late. it doesn’t give you much incentive to be on time.


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