Vacation Recap 1

Our trip got off to an ominous beginning with icy weather and significant delays, but we finally touched down in sunny Florida. Here’s an image of us above the clouds.


We had a reservation at Hertz and piled into a Dodge Journey and went straight for Kissimmee, Florida to do an airboat ride that I scheduled awhile back. Captain Bill knew his stuff and pushed his airboat through all kinds of gunk that would have been impossible to paddle through to find the gators. Almost as equally impressive was the birds, many prehistoric looking creatures in the swamp. Dalia cried and scream during several parts of the airboat ride, but the gators didn’t seem to bother her. Here’s a video of the airboat ride, followed by a closeup of an alligator. We actually got a little too close to the alligator and he was about 3 feet away from me hissing like crazy, I was a little worried that the situation might escalate and I’d have to battle the reptile, fortunately, we just both stared at each other with equal parts aggression and fear.

Gator Jac and DD

After the 90 minute airboat ride, we checked in the hotel. It is magnificent, best Hilton property I’ve ever stayed in. The kids enjoyed the Hilton Bonnet Creek’s Lazy River and Jaclyn soaked in the hot tub.

We had an early start and everyone went to bed early too. The next post will cover Sea World.

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