Vacation Recap 2

Vacation recap number two focuses on SeaWorld. Dalia has always wanted to go to SeaWorld, it was her dream destination. I’m not even sure how she even learned about SeaWorld, but she’s been excited to go there for years. SeaWorld is worth the price of admission, especially if you can track down discount tickets like we did on their website ($30 off for going on a weekday). The park is enormous, the landscaping is sensational, and the whole park does a phenomenal job of being immersive. You are often in settings where the floor beneath you is an aquarium with fish beneath you or sharks swimming above you over the ceiling, there’s water slides that go under water with dolphins swimming by you, you are surrounded by sea. The day at SeaWorld is punctuated by crazy performances, jumping dolphins, flying birds, divers, dancing, and even singing.

My highlight of the day is going to the big Shamu show and since we’re in January and the temperature was in the high 60’s, no one really wanted to be in the splash zone, in fact, the first 10-15 rows were completely empty. Dalia wanted to sit in the first row and since it was her day, I joined her in ground zero of the Soak Zone. There’s a video below and a good picture of Dalia in the aftermath. After a full day in SeaWorld, Jac went to the spa for a mani/pedi and I took the kids to the lazy river. Afterwards, we went to a fancy restaurant in the hotel and the kids stunned me with excellent behavior. Midway through the meal, they were asleep at the table. It was a good day in Orlando. Our next recap brings us Legoland.

Fam Jac Lion Leapfy Dragonfish Soakzone

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